In most thermal process systems, information is trapped at the equipment level. By the time there is an issue, it could be too late.

What if you could see what was happening in your thermal process from anywhere, at any time? With Thermal IQ, you can.

Honeywell’s Thermal IQ remote monitoring solution securely connects your combustion equipment to the cloud, making critical thermal process data available on any smart device or desktop. Dashboards and custom alerts can be configured to show critical data and equipment status.

  • Overview of thermal process equipment
  • Customized alarms & system notifications
  • Detailed data on key parameters
  • Historical data & trends

GTH Thermal IQ Package includes:
Honeywell Cloudlink Modem S9910B1000/U
Honeywell Antenna 22-2955-KIT
Honeywell Annual Subscription

Improve Visibility. Unleash Productivity.

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