Renewable Energy applications require the integration of data and multiple technologies. Modern controls and software allow energy generation to work to its full potential. With our expertise in thermal, process, and system integration, we can assist with the modernization of existing processes as well as system design. We also have two custom UL control panel shops to provide design-to-order controls manufacturing for OEM equipment.


George T. Hall, Renewable Energy Solar
SCADA software and wireless control provide visibility at remote solar sites to improve efficiency and data collection. Control panels such as combiner boxes, can be designed to order for unique applications.

George T. Hall, Renewable Energy Vehicle Charging
The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), can improve real-time data collection allowing EV charging to be safe, reliable, and efficient. PLC & SCADA technology can allow for real-time schedule optimization.

George T. Hall, Renewable Energy Battery Manufacturing
Battery manufacturing, testing, storage applications can benefit from improved automation. Stable, consistent product quality can be controlled through modern control systems and software.


PLC & SCADA Programming and Integration

Whether you are implementing new production lines or repurposing existing processes, we have unmatched experience developing purpose-built, modern PLC and SCADA solutions for a variety of renewable operations. Our solutions provide process repeatability, data analytics, alarming, and cybersecurity for critical applications. We have extensive experience with numerous hardware and software platforms and have earned certifications from many of the top PLC and SCADA manufacturers in the industry. With our platform-agnostic skill set, many decades of integration experience, and our well-established industry partnerships, we can develop and integrate PLC and SCADA solutions that will meet all your industry-specific control and automation needs.

PLC & SCADA Programming and Integration
UL Control Panel Development

UL Control Panel Development

As a full-service control panel provider, we design, engineer, assemble, wire, quality test, and start-up your panel to meet your exact specifications. At our two UL certified panel shops, we use only the highest quality UL listed components to ensure your system is designed to operate reliably across its anticipated lifetime. And, to be sure your critical manufacturing process will operate as intended from day one, we also offer comprehensive field startup services that consist of extensive system documentation, onsite I/O and loop checks, and thorough final start-up testing.

Energy Efficiency Upgrades

For companies not in the renewable space, the concept of reducing your carbon footprint can be daunting. Through modernizing controls & software systems, it is possible to maintain operations while improving energy efficiency and extending the life of your equipment. Combustion efficiency upgrades are now commonplace in industries such as food & beverage, aerospace, and heat treat. These upgrades optimize the fuel-air ratio so systems can operate more efficiently, and less toxins are emitted into the atmosphere. We have done hundreds of these retrofits and our engineers are well-versed in related regulatory agencies such as AQMD. In addition to system upgrades, we also offer other instrumentation technologies such as Variable Frequency Drives, low NOx burners, and PLC’s to help your facility ‘go green’.

Energy Efficiency Upgrades