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We are well known for our Combustion and Process expertise. We have been engineering, designing, and implementing these systems for most of our 90+ years in business. Our partners represent the industry’s best names: Fireye, Eurotherm, Watlow, Maxon, and Midco. In addition to controls and systems, we also offer custom engineered products for this market and a wide range of field services.

Combustion Efficiency


With ever-changing air quality regulations, it is more important than ever to update your process and combustion controls. New field instruments and electronic control systems not only assist with compliance, but also provide enhanced safety features as well as energy savings. Our Field Engineers have performed hundreds of combustion efficiency upgrades and are available to assist with everything from system design to training and start-up support.


Antiquated combustion and process systems are a drain on your operators and your bottom line. Replacement parts for old technology are becoming increasingly difficult to find and the lack of remote access to these systems often leads to unnecessary downtime. Fortunately, there has never been a better time to upgrade. Today’s technology allows for an almost seamless transition to electronic control. Many of these upgrades can be done with minimal downtime and often using existing field devices. These new systems provide more reliable process control as well as touchscreen and even mobile user interface.

GTH Retrofit Upgrades
Thermal IQ


Honeywell has designed Thermal IQ to securely connect your combustion equipment to the cloud, making critical thermal process data available anytime, anywhere, on any smart device or desktop.

Monitor – See real time and trending data and get real-time alerts.
Manage – Connect everyone from management to maintenance.
Maximize – Get ahead of the trouble and maximize uptime.

Thermal & Process Partners