Industrial wireless is becoming the technology of choice for many applications including chemical, power generation, water, food & beverage, and pharmaceutical. Benefits of wireless systems include, reduced labor costs, system redundancy, and improved security. GTH has experience with a wide range of wireless applications, contact us to learn more!

Honeywell OneWireless


Honeywell’s OneWireless offering is the only industrial wireless network on the market capable of supporting ISA1000 wireless, Wireless HART, and wi-fi devices on one end-to-end redundant, scalable and cyber secure network. OneWireless allows seamless extension of the process control network in the field with devices such as the XYR wireless transmitters for level, pressure, and temperature applications. Calculate your potential savings using the Honeywell Wired vs. Wireless Instruments Calculator!


Industrial wireless systems ensure greater flexibility and efficiency in the industrial communication of data and signals. Bluetooth, cellular, WLAN, and trusted wireless are just a few of the technologies being used in the industrial world to meet the needs of specific applications. The Phoenix Contact has a extensive portfolio of components and accessories for wireless communication including Radioline wireless, industrial WLAN, Bluetooth, and wireless MUX. Check out the rest of the Phoenix Contact wireless portfolio.

Industrial wireless systems

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