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These panels are built and tested using the same care put into custom control solutions, and you also have the benefit of lower engineering costs and a field-tested solution!

GTH product utilizing the SLATE Control System
As of 2020, the Honeywell ControLinks system is obsolete and replacement parts are no longer offered. The GTH Engineering & Design Group has the clear solution – the new CLR Retrofit Solution. This system is offered either as an easy to install subpanel or panel kit, allowing you to easily budget hardware and installation costs. This fully tested panel comes standard with a full-color touchscreen HMI, and is pre-programmed for ControLinks applications. Since CLR requires minimal field wiring and includes all necessary cross-over wiring diagrams, your system is up and running in hours instead of days!

GTH TUS Display

GTH Temperature Uniformity Survey Case
The AMS2750E standard requires metal treading plants in NADCAP industries to conduct regular thermal uniformity surveys. To aid you in this task, we are proud to present our new Temperature Uniformity Survey Case! This case contains a Honeywell Paperless Recorder as well as jacks for up to 40 thermocouples. The AMS Report Tool Software is also available which allows you to format your own surveys with data directly from the recorder! No time or personnel to perform your own surveys? The GTH PIT Crew can conduct the survey for you and provide all the documentation required for compliance!

GTH TUS Display

GTH Thermocouple/Heater Control Console
The GTH Thermocouple/Heater Control Console is a self-contained unit that includes a 1/16DIN controller, power switching device, heavy-duty fused line cord, output and thermocouple connector mates, and an on/off rocker switch. The enclosure is made of powder coated metal with top & bottom vents for heat dissipation. This unit is pre-wired and compact enough to fit into confined spaces in a variety of applications. Type J, K, or T thermocouples or RTD sensor connections are available.

GTH Cooler Panel

GTH Redundant Cooler System Control Panel
The GTH Redundant Cooling System Control Panel is designed for cold room applications in the Pharmaceutical and Biomedical industries. The panel is built with a PLC (programmable logic controller) which is programmed to control two air conditioning or cooler units. These units regulate temperatures at separate set points that can be customized to each application. The system is equipped with a timer and relay system to switch priority operations between systems A and B. This feature is important to the life of the cooling units as it prevents over-usage and limits the chance of seizing. Each unit is pre-wired and tested to our GTH QA procedures prior to shipment.

GTH Training Board

GTH Custom Demonstration and Training Boards
We have built a number of GTH Demonstration and Training Boards currently used for internal training or display purposes. Our engineering group has the mechanical, electrical, and design expertise to build custom boards, cases, or hand-carry cases around your products or custom requirements. These boards are available to rent or purchase:

    • GTH Honeywell SLATE Demo Case
    • GTH Honeywell Video Recorder Demo Case
    • GTH Honeywell / Fireye Flame Safeguard Trainer

  GTH YoutubeVideo – FSG Training Demonstration

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