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Honeywell Smart Multi-Variable transmitter

Why You Should Use The Honeywell Smart Multi-Variable Transmitter For Your Gas Flow Applications

Combustion applications under AQMD regulations are required to measure their gas usage for air quality monitoring purposes. And even those not under these regulations often use gas flow meters to monitor their usage. Your standard rotary gas meter requires a certain amount of straight pipe run both before and after the meter. This can have a negative effect on the installation. Rotary meters also need to be uninstalled and sent to a calibration house to be calibrated, causing weeks of downtime if spares aren’t available. And hours of downtime if they are available as the spare needs to installed. The Honeywell SmartLine Multivariable Transmitters (SMV) transmitter mounted on a Gemini flow meter has no need for straight runs up stream or downstream. Ease of calibration. The SMV can be calibrated while installed. This process takes approximately 30 minutes. A calibrated hand pump is used to quickly calibrate the pressure. A new calibrated RTD is installed, replacing the previous RTD. This completes the calibration process. The SMV transmitter also performs its mass flow calculation internally. This means that one 4-20ma signal can be sent into a recorder or SCADA system with no additional math development required.

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