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What’s New with Fireye, Part 6

Servos For All Applications!

Fireye FX series servos are available for use with any application. These servos communicate using Modbus at 19.2K baud, allowing easy integration with any PLC application. These servos provide 0.1º angular accuracy over 100º span as well as positive feedback.

These servos are available with either ½” NPT threads or quick-disconnect fittings (shown) as wiring options.

These servos come in three sizes with standard NEMA4/IP65 rating.

See an overview video here:

  • FX04-19 4Nm/3ft-lb
  • FX04-119 with QD
  • FX20-19 20Nm/15ft-lb
  • FX20-119 with QD
  • FX50-19 50Nm/37ft-lb
  • FX50-119 with QD

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