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What’s New with Fireye, Part 5

7800 SERIES Wiring Base Adapter

Fireye is now offering a wiring base adapter to make replacing a 7800 SERIES flame safeguard with a Fireye BurnerPRO quick and easy. The adapter fastens to the 7800 SERIES wiring base and offers two mounting options for the included BurnerPRO wiring base: direct mounting atop the adapter, or remote mounting to the backpanel within the range provided by the pre-fastened wiring leash. Reuse the existing flame rod, or replace the existing UV scanner with one of three available Fireye models.

DID YOU KNOW? This wiring base adapter is a great option for replacing existing 7800 SERIES controls used with the PCB-mounted wiring bases!

See an example installation here:

  • 60-2991-1 Adapter for RM7800/RM7840/RM7845
  • 60-2991-2 Adapter for RM7895
  • BP110UVFR-S11M BurnerPRO, modulating gas timings
  • BP110UVFR-S12M BurnerPRO, modulating oil timings
  • BP110UVFR-S13M BurnerPRO, on/off gas timings
  • BP110UVFR-S14M BurnerPRO, on/off oil timings

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