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Upgrading Your SCADA System

By now, most people are aware of the many benefits of SCADA systems. They have been proven essential tools for manufacturing and process facilities to collect data and utilize the information gathered for the benefit of the operators, maintenance, management, and financial personnel. Once your system is in place however, it is equally important that you maintain and upgrade the system regularly to ensure you are benefiting from the latest technological advancements. In Aveva’s article, “The Importance of Upgrading Your SCADA Software in Our Evolving Digital Era”, they highlight a number of “pros” to upgrading your SCADA including:

  • Cost – Minimize downtime, shutdowns, and preempt maintenance issues with increasing robust software
  • Compatibility – Software is becoming increasingly interoperable, allowing for greater efficiencies
  • Adaptability – Upgrading your system allows for future flexibility as your company’s needs change
  • Risk – Cybersecurity is more important than ever and maintaining the latest technology means you are privy to the best security technology available
Given these benefits and the quick payback of SCADA upgrades, the question should not be “should I upgrade?” but “when should I upgrade?”!
Click here to download the May Solution Spotlight – Upgrading Your SCADA Systems.
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