ul white paper


Going Beyond UL 508A for Safety:
Understanding When ICPs Need to Comply with UL 698A

No matter what industry you are working in, safe process control operations are essential to protect your personnel and control system equipment. A widely recognized way to do achieve safe process control operations is to work with a UL Certified Panel Shop to build your industrial control panel (ICP) to the appropriate UL standard for your application. While UL 508A is the most often followed UL standard since it is the baseline standard for panels used in ordinary locations, it is not well known that there are actually supplemental standards in place such as UL 698A for ICPs that are used in areas relating to hazardous or classified locations.

In this white paper, we dive into how UL 698A builds on the safety standards laid out in UL 508A and provide details on the following:

  • When UL requires compliance with UL 698A to receive a UL Listed Mark
  • Design and Development considerations for building an ICP to the UL 698A safety standard
  • How you can ensure your ICP will meet UL 698A requirements by working with the right panel build partner