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GTH offers a number of training courses on products and solutions for Industrial, Combustion and Commercial applications. Each course is available in Basic, Intermediate or Advanced, and hands-on training is emphasized wherever possible. In addition to the classes listed below, we can also customize a class for your specific needs covering any of the products or industries we serve. These can be hosted at a local GTH office or onsite at your facility.
Learn about flame safeguard controls from the industry’s leading manufacturers as well as the latest innovations in combustion technology.
  • Flame Detectors
  • Theory of Flame Rectification
  • Operation of Optical Detectors
  • Infrared & Ultraviolet
  • Installation Procedures
  • Basic Troubleshooting
  • Overview of new Combustion Efficiency technology

We offer a number of wireless courses including a Wireless Ethernet course which evaluates and explains the latest in wireless Ethernet technologies and also define the applications in which they should be used. This course also discusses the security concerns of Ethernet networking.

  • Where is wireless most beneficial?
  • Where is wireless going to save you money?
  • Wireless mesh network/line of sight
  • Wireless Data Communication
  • Wireless Ethernet
  • Trusted Wireless I/O
  • Bluetooth Wireless Serial

This course covers Pneumatic Fundamentals from the compressor and drying of the air nest to the filtration or cleaning of the air. The class includes a hands-on lab in which you will be trained on how to set up and calibrate a pneumatic thermostat. All students will leave with a good understanding of the basics of pneumatics and how to keep a pneumatic system running properly.

  • Why is Pneumatic Controls still a viable control option?
  • Building Automation Systems
  • Energy Management Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
  • Valve and Actuators
  • Dampers and Actuators

Our Watlow training course covers all the components of a thermal system, including industrial heaters, temperature sensors, controllers and system assemblies.

  • New Technology – PID Controllers, Limits, Power Switching, Touchscreen Interfaces and more!
  • Electric Heaters – placement, types of heaters, industries and applications.
  • Thermocouple and RTD Applications – placement, types and applications.

Confused by the requirements and deadlines of the Amended SCAQMD 1147? Let one of our experienced technical field engineers walk you through the equipment upgrades and reporting mandated by the ruling. The AQMD is already enforcing this rule so you can’t afford not to attend this session!

  • Rule 1147 Applications
  • Nox Emission Limits
  • Rule 1147 Exclusions
  • Affected Permitted Equipment
  • Rule 1147 Usage Rule

Honeywell Analytics manufacturers a wide range of products suited to every type of application or industry – from small boiler rooms to large petrochemical plants and oil refineries. This training will focus on Honeywell’s line of Commercial Gas Detection products which safeguard building occupants and assets, manage energy consumption, extend green building practices and improve indoor air quality.

  • What is a Gas?
  • Sensing Technologies
  • Toxic and Combustible Gas Sensors
  • Indoor Air Quality Monitors
  • Explosion Proof Sensors
  • Q&A

One of our Technical Sales Engineers will be on hand to discuss the variety of Building Automation Systems available from Honeywell as well as the benefits of upgrading and system scalability. We will be showcasing the Honeywell RapidZone, LCBS (Light Commercial Building Solution), the WebVision and WEBs AX.

  • RapidZone Software/System Setup
  • LonSpec Software/Migration and Setup
  • Webvision Controller/Migration and Setup
  • LCBS Controllers/Thermostats, Plant Controllers, VAV Actuators, and Wall Modules

We will provide an overview of the Honeywell line of Video Recorders as well as a discussion of the benefits of going paperless. One of our Technical Sales Representatives will be on hand to demonstrate the recorder as well as the easy to-use TrendViewer software package.

  • Programming Analog inputs
  • Basic wiring of inputs
  • Programming Pens and Screens
  • Communication to Trendserver Pro
  • Trendserver Pro overview

Thanks to the open protocol of the Niagara framework, it is now possible to integrate a wide range of functions into existing and new Building Automation Systems. Our Sales Engineers will be on hand for this event to discuss the Building Automation options available through Honeywell as well as the Commercial and Combustion Integration applications supported by the George T. Hall Company including:

  • Boiler Efficiency Systems
  • Energy Metering and Monitoring
  • Security and Access Solutions
  • Gas Monitoring
  • Industrial SCADA Solutions

We will review VFD commissioning and discuss some of the features & benefits of the Honeywell Smart VFD and CORE series including:

  • Typical applications
  • Selecting & sizing a VFD
  • Calculating payback
  • Local utility rebates & programs

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