Honeywell Controlinks Replacement
As of 2020, the Honeywell ControLinks™ system is obsolete and replacement parts are no longer available. Changing out a Combustion Efficiency System is a costly and time consuming proposition. Between design, installation, and programming, a new controls system can take as long as 6 weeks. For an unplanned shutdown, that is a costly proposition.

Enter the clear solution: the CLR ControLinks™ Retrofit Solution.

The CLR is offered as either as a complete panel or a back-panel kit for field installation. Both packages come with everything you need to upgrade your ControLinks™ system including field devices, wiring diagrams, and pre-configured HMI screens – off the shelf and ready to ship. This means your facility can be up and running in hours, not weeks.

Powered by SLATE™

Honeywell SlateAn integrated, flexible, and modular combustion efficiency solution built on the Niagara AX framework.

Optional Remote Access

Honeywell Thermal IQEasily integrates with Honeywell Thermal IQ to provide remote access, real-time alerts, and historical data from any smart device.

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