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PLC & PAC Applications

PLC or PAC Applications

George T. Hall Company recently upgraded a 25 year old Modicon 984 PLC system at a cement plant utilizing the Modicon M580 PAC. The M580 offers improved functionality with multiple protocol options, Ethernet remote I/O, improved cybersecurity and an advanced programming tool called Control Expert. Utilizing the I/O conversion adapters the field wiring remained in place minimizing down time and risk. The existing software application was also converted to retain the prior investment in software development furthering the ROI of this conversion. The improved functionality and future proof solution made this an all-around win for the customer.

GTH Modernizes PAC System at a Cement Company
A local cement company in Nevada recently contacted the George T. Hall Company to upgrade their existing PAC system. They wanted to update their existing Schneider Electric Modicon 984 processor to the new and improved Modicon M580. Utilizing the existing adapter cables and chassis, which were compatible with the newer system, the transition was quick and easy. The new Modicon M580 has 5x faster scan time for greater efficiency, uses less energy, and offers enhanced cybersecurity. This improved functionality, coupled with greater reliability, made this an all-around win for the customer.

GTH Upgrades PLC System in Southern California
Recently the George T. Hall Company signed on to assist a local California company looking to upgrade an existing PLC system controlling two digester gas air scrubbers. We recommended the Honeywell ControlEdge PLC which integrated seamlessly with their existing PKS system that controlled their large wastewater system. The ControlEdge has provided them with greater functionality, improved integration, and enhanced cybersecurity.

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