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Our proficiency with the leading PLC and SCADA manufacturers means our clients benefit from the latest control system hardware and software.

Across the United States over 75% of plants with 250 to 499 employees are over 20 years old. Chances are that some portion of all facilities could benefit from a control system hardware or software update. GTH specializes in modernization projects that will see your facility through the next 20 years and beyond.

Some of the key reasons our clients choose to upgrade with GTH include:

In-house skillset deficiency
Cybersecurity concerns
Obsolescence of hardware and software
Performance issues
Maintenance issues
Lack of support

With numerous projects completed we have updated hardware platforms from the top Process Automation Control system manufacturers including: GE 90-30 to Allen Bradley ControLogix, Allen Bradley PLC-5 to ControLogix and Modicon 800 series to Quantum.

Along with these hardware platform upgrades, we have also performed numerous software migration projects utilizing conversion tools and re-development of existing code to support new hardware platforms.

SCADA software is often neglected for years until PLC upgrades or operating system updates require modernization. With new tools available in the latest software packages such as Wonderware’s System Platform and Archestra, GTH can provide the tools and personnel to provide you with the latest technology. These innovations allow our clients to make better decisions by providing relative KPI data in an easy to use format from the plant floor to the plant manager and other business level personnel.

Modernization can help manage risk, reduce down time, improve software and hardware support and provide better user tools. Increased networking choices such as Ethernet are also enhancing performance through increased data rates between PLC’s and at the SCADA system. Removing proprietary networking cards and infrastructure can also reduce operating costs.

Some of our key vendors include: Schneider Electric/Modicon, Allen Bradley, GE Intelligent Platforms, Phoenix Contact, Hirschmann, Wonderware and Honeywell.

We carry certifications from these manufacturers and have applied their products and software successfully in hundreds of control system applications including Water and Wastewater, Alternative Energy, Petro-Chemical, Heat Treat, Power Generation, Mining, Metals and Manufacturing. Our skill set, combined with these products and our trained engineers and field personnel, allows us to deliver solutions for a wide array of complex control applications – making us the ideal integrator for your next project.

Registered Wonderware Integrator / Schneider Electric ASP / Phoenix Contact Wireless SI
AB Integrator / GE Intelligent Platforms Integrator / Citect Integrator

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