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GTH Temperature Uniformity Survey

Standard Test Method for Conducting Temperature Uniformity Surveys

When you roll your cart into a gas fired furnace, you are relying on your furnace to provide an even amount of heat to your product to ensure a consistent temperature on the material. But how can you be sure? Performing a temperature uniformity survey is your first step. Temperature uniformity surveys (TUS) involve setting up temperature sensors to match your temperature rates in crucial areas and then having that data recorded and analyzed. This provides readings on specifically what is going on inside different areas of your furnace during the heating process. With the results of these reports, you can evaluate the areas that show heat loss and fix any issues with air flow. This saves you money on improperly heated material and improves the quality of your product.

Follow these general steps for a comprehensive TUS report:

  • Choose the appropriate temperature sensors to be used in the test.
  • Position the sensors on a standard payload in preparation of test.
  • Input oven dimensions and position of sensors into the TUS software.
  • Enter the payload with attached sensors into oven and attach sensor leads to paperless recorder or TUS case.
  • Run a standard heating cycle.
  • Begin the TUS on the paperless recorder and allow it to continue through the entirety of the cycle.
  • When completed, transfer all data from recorder to TUS software to complete report.

AMS2750E provides a well-defined standard for operating conditions that will lead to the production of high-quality parts and products.

The custom engineered TUS cases from GTH come complete with paperless recorders, AMS survey software, and terminal jack panel to make this process quick and easy. If you do not have the personnel on staff to perform these surveys, we also provide onsite TUS surveys that comply with AMS2750E.

Contact your local GTH sales office today for more information on how we can assist you today!

Click here to download the October Solution Spotlight – Standard Test Method for Conducting Temperature Uniformity Surveys PDF.
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