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Ensuring System Reliability For Large-Scale Coolers

Maintaining Temperature Stability in Large-Scale Coolers with Innovative ICPs

Large-scale, temperature-stable cooling systems are critical infrastructure for many companies that need to protect millions of dollars of inventory and raw materials. For these companies, ensuring precise and reliable temperature control of these large-scale custom coolers and cold rooms is critical. Over the last two decades, we have partnered with Ace Coolers to help ensure their custom cooling solutions can meet the precise cooling needs for customers such as Sigma Millipore, Celgene Pharmaceuticals, Sherpa Clinical, Inova Diagnostic, and Saint Archer Brewery.

In the past five years, demand for these highly reliable cooler solutions was rapidly increasing for Ace Coolers, especially for pharmaceutical applications. This led Ace Coolers to start evaluating options for a new industrial control panel (ICP) for their coolers and cold rooms that could better meet the visibility and aesthetic needs of this industry. Ace Coolers also wanted the new control system to be easy to reproduce to keep up with the anticipated demand for these large-scale cooling solutions from the pharmaceutical industry, yet flexible enough to make the slight variations to meet each end user’s specific needs. Since they had a long-standing relationship with GTH as a supplier of other components for their systems, they started discussing a custom ICP solution with us and ultimately selected our system.

As we have worked together on more than 60 systems throughout the past several years, we have continued to make changes that benefit the panel’s end users while also helping Ace Coolers scale. We have upgraded to a smart controller and added a human-machine interface to the system without significantly increasing costs. We have also reduced engineering and development costs for Ace Coolers by reusing engineering they have already invested in and incorporating some smarter manufacturing techniques and strategies.

Beyond our technical capabilities, the relationship we have with and the support we provide to Ace Coolers, and all our customers, are key reasons why our projects are so successful. It is our company policy that we take ownership of the scope of work and make sure that the development process is as smooth as possible for all parties. Throughout our years working with Ace Coolers, our flexibility, innovation, and solutions-first approach have been paramount in driving this successful long-term relationship. Learn more about the approach we took to working with Ace Coolers and the ICPs we have developed by reading the full case study.



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