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Looking back over 2019

2019 was a great year for GTH. In addition to growing our portfolio of products and services, we rolled out a new website and soon, a new logo! We are proud of our history and longevity but we want our new “face” to represent the System Integration firm we are today. Want to learn more about what is new at GTH? Please contact us!

There have been several advancements in process and thermal automation and we brought these to you in some of our best Solution Spotlights from 2019.

Honeywell HC900 and SLATE Control Upgrades
With Delphi and ControLinks systems now obsolete, it is a great time to retrofit your combustion control systems. Read more…

Remote Access and Secure Industrial VPN
Operating and monitoring instrumentation across large facilities or geographical areas is easier and more secure than ever. Read more…

PLC or PAC – Which is Right for your Application?
PLC’s and PAC’s are very similar, but they each have their own strengths in the automation space, don’t know which one to use? Read more…

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Rugged Industrial HMI’s
Industrial Training Services
Annual Service Contracts
Honeywell Thermal Solutions
Upgrading Your SCADA System
HC900 & SLATE Upgrades
Remote Access & Secure VPN
Thermal Process Upgrades
PLC’s vs. PAC’s – Which is Right For You?
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Looking forward to 2020
We have some exciting topics picked out for 2020. In addition to important information about the pending Windows 10 upgrade and AQMD deadlines, there are also some exciting new products from new and existing GTH Partners. We look forward to being your Industrial and Thermal Automation resource in 2020 and beyond!

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Click here to download the December Solution Spotlight – A Year in Review at GTH.

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