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This customer is a major manufacturer and producer of paving and roofing asphalt products. With 15 storage tanks ranging in size from 300 to 11,000 tons and rail car access they are well positioned to serve west coast customers.

The current tank level monitoring system was not meeting their needs for real time data. The wireless tank level transmitters were sequentially updated resulting in several minutes of latency. GTH was called upon to find a solution to provide real time data and historical archiving for product storage to include volume and temperature. This data was important to the plant manager to assess their stored assets in relation to market price.

To accommodate the required data collection and monitoring, a Phoenix Contact based 5GHZ wireless Ethernet network was installed for access to the level and temperature transmitters. The Phoenix solution offered seamless integration along with the reliability the customer needed for their application. With the network connectivity now available, they can use their existing HMI for real-time monitoring. GTH also recommended Wonderware’s Historian and Software Toolbox’s TOP server which provides flexible configuration tools and remote access capabilities. The operators can now utilize tablets for reporting and monitoring their plant systems.

Phoenix Contact Integrator      Wonderware System Integrator Partner

GTH, aerospace

The addition of a second line allowed them to double their current production output. This additional production capacity has allowed them take on more business and larger contracts from a greater number of customers. By outsourcing the system upgrade, they were able to keep their personnel focused on core activities. They also saw a number of other advantages including:

  • Faster turnaround
  • Skilled expertise
  • Flexible staffing
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