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A large food manufacturer in California came to GTH to upgrade the antiquated combustion system on one of their process ovens. While they were updating their burner system, they wanted to update their flame safety devices as well.

In addition to updating their control system, the customer also needed to bring their equipment in compliance with AQMD 1147. This meant their burners needed to be low NOx to meet current emissions standards. Downtime was also of critical importance to the client. Since the system needed to be shut down during the retrofit, the turnaround had to be quick. They could not afford to lose too much production time. Each of the SLATE modules were mounted in the control panel, and all components were tested in house before the panel was shipped to the customers site. On site GTH staff was able to assist with the set up of the Maxon Burners and preformed some onsite tuning and programming during start up of the new Low Nox burners.

The GTH engineering team collaborated with the production management team to determine their priorities. GTH opted for a solution consisting of a Maxon OvenPak burner and the new SLATE burner management system from Honeywell. As an authorized Honeywell Thermal Solutions integrator, GTH was able to build the UL control panel, pre-program the SLATE system, and set up the 10 inch HMI in house to reduce the install time onsite. The panel and components were thoroughly QA tested before leaving our facility to minimize field issues.

GTH saw this project from start to finish to make sure the customer was satisfied with the performance of the burners and the control system. The customer was pleased with the information displayed on the HMI and the custom screens GTH had developed for their application. The new system is providing many ongoing benefits such as:

  • Energy efficiency
  • AQMD compliance
  • HMI user interface
  • Heavy duty and reliable actuators
  • Pre-programmed controllers
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