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GTH Mike Howard CSIA

CSIA interview with our very own Mike Howard!

Checkout the blog from CSIA “How to Trust Processes That Will Help You Manage Growth” featuring Mike Howard Vice President, of System Integration at GTH!

“83% of CSIA members forecast a rosy economic outlook, according the April 2019 EZ Stats. And for many SIs, the rising economic tide translates to considerable growth and a new set of challenges: scaling up.

As it turns out, it’s a tricky channel to navigate, with the shorelines of success littered with the shipwrecks of failures. Therefore, it’s essential to create a scalable management model, according to Matthew Swyers, founder, The Trademark Company, in “4 Essential Steps to Managing Growth,” in Inc.

“As your business grows you must develop scalable management and quality control systems,” says Swyers. “As your business grows and duties become more segmented among new employees, a management structure must be put in place to ensure accountability against established benchmarks as well as to make sure quality control of your goods and services remains constant.”

Mike Howard, vice president, system integration at George T. Hall (GTH), would likely agree. He saw the company’s processes, which were honed on CSIA’s Best Practices, put to the test.”…

Read the full interview on the CSIA blog.


Click below to listen to the Podcast from Mike, including GTH’s journey from airstreams to a thriving SI business in California and Nevada.

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