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Are you SCAQMD 1147 Compliant

Are you SCAQMD 1147 Compliant?

The deadline for compliance with SCAQMD 1147 is fast approaching! This rule affects multiple industries including Aerospace, Food Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Oil and Gas, and more. It was implemented in an effort to reduce emissions on gas and liquid fueled equipment in industrial applications. Click here to read SCAQMD 1147 in its entirety.

There are two deadlines that apply to combustion equipment:
1. Equipment that is 15 or more years old* – Upgrades must happen within one year of your AQMD visit.
2. Equipment that is less than 15 years old* – AQMD allows 2-5 years to upgrade, depending on equipment use.
*Based on permit date.

GTH Combustion Expertise
The GTH engineering group has extensive experience with 1147 retrofits. We have worked with hundreds of Southern California companies to help them navigate the 1147 compliance process. With our expertise in combustion and automation, we are able to upgrade systems to not only reduce emissions, but also improve efficiencies. Our capabilities include: system design & engineering, product selection, UL control panel manufacturing, and onsite start up & training.

Featured Combustion Partners
Our combustion partners are the leaders in the industry. They provide quality products to help you comply with 1147 as well as NFPA standards.

Honeywell Thermal Solutions – Honeywell Thermal Solutions is leading the way in thermal control & automation. Their offering includes SLATE, an integrated combustion management system that combines configurable safety with programmable logic in a single platform. They are also leading the way in connectivity with their new Thermal IQ which offers remote process and equipment monitoring along with key performance analytics.

Honeywell, Maxon – Recently acquired by Honeywell, Maxon continues to focus on their core line of low NOx burners which are proven to reduce emissions in compliance with AQMD 1147. They also offer gas shut-off valves that meet the highest standards of performance, reliability, and durability.

Kromschroder – Kromschroder is one of the leading manufacturers of gas trains and gas train components. Their valves, regulators, and switches can be purchased individually or assembled as part of an NFPA-approved gas train.

GTH Thermal &
Process Expertise

GTH Industrial

Click here to download the February Solution Spotlight – Are you SCAQMD 1147 Compliant?

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