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Achieving Overall Equipment Effectiveness

According to, OEE is the ratio of fully productive time to planned production time. It is calculated as the product of these three constituent factors:
OEE = Availability x Performance x Quality
The first step to evaluating OEE is by collecting and analyzing critical manufacturing data. TrakSYS by Parsec not only helps you collect this data but it allows you to utilize the information to take action to improve your OEE ranking. TrakSYS is particularly successful in industries such as Food and Beverage, Bio-Pharmaceutical, and Heat Treating; where quality, traceability, downtime, and the accuracy of electronic records are critical.

TrakSYS is a unified manufacturing management software platform with multiple, fully-integrated features to power specific business solutions.


Click here to download the September Solution Spotlight – Achieving OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) PDF.
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