Semiconductor Industrial Process

Semiconductor Solutions

With George T. Hall Company’s extensive experience with electric heat, precision control, and data acquisition, we are uniquely suited to offer process and automation solutions for the semiconductor market.

Engineering and Design

Our engineers will work with you to deliver state-of-the-art technology such as thermal electric heat solutions. These upgrades improve yield and throughput with new, efficient heaters, controllers, and sensors for use in front-end and back-end applications such as CVD, PECVD, Etch, Diffusion, Bonding, and IC test. The GTH team of Engineers are capable of designing these and other process and automation systems.

Control Panel Manufacturing

If your job includes Temperature Controls, Data Acquisition, Power distribution, or System Integration, the George T. Hall Company can design, build, program, test, and start-up a panel to conform to your application specifics. Whether you are looking for a retrofit to a production panel or a new cleanroom system, we have the products and process to comply with all industry specifications including stainless steel enclosures and NEMA 4X rated panels.

System Integration and Project Management

If you are looking for quick distribution of information and monitoring of critical systems, the team at the George T. Hall Company can design and setup an integrated control system to meet your specific needs. We are knowledgeable in the semiconductor Industry, and well versed with temperature and process controls, which means our system programmers have a complete understanding of the needs and demands that can arise during the production process.
  • PLC/HMI Programming
  • Networking
  • Instrument Programming & Start-up Support

Instrumentation and Technical Support

Our well trained and experienced staff of Inside Salespeople are capable of assisting you with product selection or post-sale technical support. With our knowledge and experience, we are often able to offer support over the phone. If you require additional assistance, we can schedule an on-site visit by one of our technicians. Our Field Technicians are thoroughly trained and proficient with most controllers and systems.
  • Paperless Data Acquisition
  • Temperature Controllers

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