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Combustion Solutions - Manufacturing - 1/31/2014 -

GTH Upgrades Burners for a Local Roofing Manufacturer to Meet AQMD 1147
Working with a local contractor, George T. Hall Company designed a solution around the LNB 500 Midco burner for a local roofing manufacturer. The oven they used for drying metal parts used an air flow burner to heat the air that was out of compliance with new AQMD 1147 regulations.

The Challenge
The Midco burner was selected as it met their budgetary requirements while still providing the required NOx levels. In addition to the burners, we also sold an NFPA-approved valve train and burner assembly along with Watlow 1/16 DIN modulating and high limit temperature controllers. GTH provided all wiring and piping diagrams to the contractor to help streamline installation.

The Solution
The new burners were capable of getting into the 9ppm-10ppm NOx range. Corrected to 3% O2, that put them under the 30 ppm required level that their AQMD permit was requesting. At the close of startup, all burners were source tested and passed AQMD requirements with flying colors.
Benefits include:
  • System meets amended AQMD 1147 regulations
  • Reduced emissions
  • Gas burner system is compliant with NFPA 86
  • Improved control at each burner

AQMD 1147 Upgrades - Combustion Soltuions


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