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GTH offers a variety of controls and automation options for the Hotel and Hospitality industry. Whether you need HVAC system controls to keep room temperatures comfortable or boiler controls to keep hot water close at hand, we can help! Maintaining an efficient control system makes for an efficient hotel.

Engineering and Design
Our Salespeople and Engineers at the George T. Hall Company can recommend and design control system for your hotelís needs. A large portion of the energy consumed by hotels is used in the guest rooms, so by putting energy management systems in place, you ensure savings without compromising on comfort.

Control Panel Manufacturing
Our two UL-listed panel shops in Southern California and Northern Nevada are equipped to build panels to meet your individual specifications. Utilizing the latest CAD drawing software, we are able to design and assemble a panel with everything you will need to automate HVAC, lighting, and energy management along with additional remote access capabilities if required.

System Integration and Project Management
Guest rooms, lobby, boiler room, and restaurants are all areas of your hotel that can be integrated and viewed from a single centralized location. The ability to see all of the hotels HVAC and lighting controls in one area will help keep the hotel running efficiently, and will help you catch problems as they happen, thereby reducing down time and improving maintenance productivity. The GTH project management team will work directly with your hotel management and maintenance team to determine the software and hardware you need for your specific application.

  • Remote Access & Monitoring
  • Programming
  • System Start-Up
  • Networking

Instrumentation and Technical Support
The George T. Hall Company partners with multiple manufacturers to bring you the highest quality products for your panels and projects. Our sales team and staff of technicians are constantly training to better support and service the products we represent.

  • Programmable Thermostats
  • Economizers
  • Web-Based Building Managers
  • Lighting Controls
  • Energy Monitoring


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