Unity Level 2 Class Hosted By GTH in Reno
4/10/2014 4:00:00 PM
A few weeks ago GTH Reno hosted a Unity Level 2 class for several customers and for internal training of our field technicians. The customers in attendance both had recently upgraded several systems to Modicon PLC Platforms that take advantage of this software platform. Both of these customers had previously taken then Unity Level 1 class and were very pleased with the course content and instructor.

The first customer was a local water company that had recently replaced a GE Fanuc system with Modicon M340. They also have several other M340 units running around their town. Advanced functions in Unity are required for them to take full advantage of their systems.

The second customer has been upgrading from older Modicon equipment to new Quantum Dual Slot Unity processors. In this scenario the customer is going to continue to use old 800 series I/O. but will service with I/O with the new Quantum PLC.

Internally, we took advantage of having this class at our Reno location so that 2 of our technicians could attend. Both of these techs were familiar with Unity, and now will be able to take their programming to the next level.

Please contact us if you'd like to discuss our training services further, or would like to schedule a Unity Level 2 class for your team of programmers.

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