September Solution Spotlight, Reducing Emissions!
9/4/2013 3:13:06 PM
Reducing Emissions in Industrial Processes
In the past few years, many states have joined the EPA in enacting laws to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions from industrial processes. California has taken these laws a step further by mandating a reduction in ppm by specified deadlines depending on the type of equipment being used and the age of the equipment.

At the George T. Hall Company, we specialize in Combustion Efficiency, Process Control and Integrated Solutions which makes us a perfect resource for information and technical support. Let our staff of qualified Engineers help you navigate the legislation in your area and design a solution that works with the needs of your facility as well as your budget. Contact the location near you today!

Maxon offers a number of Low Emissions Burners designed to comply with regulations such as California’s AQMD 1147.In addition, by upgrading to modern control devices, you can also enhance your overall process efficiency. They offer a number of models including the Kinedizer LE, M-PAKT/OPTIMA and Crossfire Burners.In addition to low NOx burners, Maxon also manufactures the Smartlink intelligent valve series as well as the Smartfire Combustion Control System. With an integrated Maxon Solution, you can be sure of seamless integration and system optimization.

The new LNB1000 low NOx Power Gas Burner from Midco was developed to meet changing emission requirements and reduce overall GHG emissions. This unit has been officially approved by the AQMD under Rule 1147 for select makeup air units in spray booth applications. The modular design of the unit translates to a lower price point and reduced maintenance costs when compared to flue gas recirculation-style burners.

Gas measurement is a critical component when implementing any GHG reduction strategy. The Dattus III meter from Itron is a highly accurate, solid-state unit suited for commercial and industrial gas measurement applications.
Features include:
- Static measurement technology
- Built-in temperature compensation
- Gas volume totalizing
- Field upgradable meter capacity
- Robust sensor design

The George T. Hall Company offers a number of energy reduction strategies to assist both Commercial and Industrial facilities. Whether you are looking to reduce emissions, save electrical energy or conserve natural gas,our trained team of Sales Engineers and Field Technicians can help!

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