September Solution Spotlight, Calibration and Survey Solutions!
9/2/2014 3:00:00 PM
Calibration and Survey Solutions
Our staff of Field Technicians have the knowledge and experience required to calibrate and repair a variety of manufacturer’s instruments. Plus, with our existing vendor relationships, we can also provide replacement instruments and spare parts off the shelf! In addition to Calibrations and Temperature Uniformity Surveys, our PIT Crew (Programming & Integration Technicians)can also assist with engineering and system design, project management, PLC and HMI programming, software integration, field start-up and more!

Calibration Services
GTH offers reliable calibration services, custom designed to meet your process and quality requirements. We use NIST-traceable instruments to perform gas, temperature, pressure and level calibrations on a wide range of instruments including:
Chart/Video Recorders l Controllers l Gas Analyzers l Flow Meters l Humidity Instruments
Gauges l PH Analyzers l SCADA & PLC Systems l Transmitters l Thermocouple Verification
We are able to comply with ISA standards when required and we have MSHA-certified field personnel for mining-related applications.

Temperature Uniformity Surveys
Furnace and oven calibrations are critical to companies in the heat treat market as they ensure their products consistently meet the end users required specifications. In addition to sensor and instrument calibrations, the George T. Hall Company PIT Crew is capable of performing Temperature Uniformity Surveys (TUS) that meet the requirements of AMS2750E. These surveys can be performed on a one-time basis or as part of an annual contract with bi-monthly or quarterly visits using your onsite equipment or our field TUS Case.

Interested in performing your own TUS?
Click here for information on the GTH Temperature Uniformity Survey Case!

The George T. Hall Company would like to introduce our newest employee, Thomas. Thomas has begun working in the Panel Shop at the George T. Hall Company and strives to be a critical part of the Mechanical Department. With his drive and determination he has shown himself to be a quick learner in the panel shop and has started with routine calibrations, panel fabrication, and assisting in the warehouse when needed. Since job-site safety is very important to Thomas and GTH, you will rarely see him without this orange safety vest and hard hat. Please follow the Adventures of Thomas at the George T. Hall Company on Facebook and Linkedin.

September Solution Click here to download the September Solution Spotlight!

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