November Solution Spotlight, Let Dream Report Tame Your Ocean of Data!
11/3/2015 2:44:51 PM
Let Dream Report Tame Your Ocean of Data!
Dream Report from Ocean Data Systems is the first programming free, user-friendly, automated reporting and data analysis software specifically designed for industrial automation applications. It is the simplest way to extract data from virtually any data source and create automated reports to anybody, anywhere and anytime.

Why Dream Report?
Dream Report makes information gathering and formatting so simple, you can generate the reports you want as well as the reports you need. The system is scalable so it will meet your specific requirements and it leverages real-time, historic and business data sources. All reports and dashboards can be programmed to generate automatically through email or web portal. Dream Reports can take many forms including:
  • CIP/SIP Reports for Bio-Pharm Validation
  • Water Distribution Report for Municipal Water/Wastewater
  • Temperature Uniformity Survey (TUS) Reports for Thermal Processing
  • Oil and Gas Reports for compliance, performance, and equipment maintenance
  • Building Automation System (BAS) Component Monitoring and Management
  • Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)
  • Batch Reporting and Analysis for Manufacturing
  • and many more!

Connectivity and Integration
Dream Report can connect to just about anything, so it is able to report on several types of information including real-time, alarm, and historical data. Dream Report utilizes industry standards for connectivity including OPC, MODBUS, and BACnet, as well as proprietary communication protocols and standard file formats such as CSV or Microsoft Excel. With these options, users typically have multiple ways to connect and access data for reporting. Dream Report interfaces directly with a number of vendor protocols including:

Emerson Delta-V // Eurotherm // GE Proficy // Rockwell RSView
Schneider Electric Citect // Wonderware Historian // Siemens // Yokogawa // and more...

Download the Dream Report Solution Spotlight!

Download the Dream Report Solution Spotlight!

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