November Solution Spotlight, Custom Motor Controls!
11/4/2014 3:45:00 PM
Custom Motor Controls
Traditional Motor Control Centers (MCCs) are an efficient way to group electric motor control, automation and power distribution equipment in a single package for industrial facilities such as Water/Wastewater, Food and Beverage and more. Unfortunately these traditional MCC’s take up a large amount of space and can be very costly. GTH can provide custom Motor Control panels that are designed to save you space, time and money when compared to the standard motor control center design offered by electrical gear manufacturers.

GTH Motor Control Centers
GTH Motor Control Enclosures are designed and built utilizing the latest Motor Control technology to ensure your panel is compact and competitively priced. We utilize the Schneider Electric TeSys U Combination Motor Starters which incorporate short circuit protection, an overload relay and the contactor into a single, modular device. With our MCC experience, you have the assurance of knowing your panel will be built using strict design and quality control guidelines. Plus, each system is rigorously tested prior to shipment so you know it will operate right the first time.

TeSys T Motor Management System
TeSys T is an advanced and green motor management system. When used with a short circuit protection device and a contactor, TeSys T will provide full motor monitoring, control and protection for electrical motors. TeSys T is designed for the management of critical processes for applications such as Water/Wastewater, Oil and Gas, and Mining. Reduce downtime and save energy with TeSys T’s exclusive predictive capability and full sets of intuitive and easy to use commissioning tools.

Click here to see a video on TeSys T’s predictive capabilities.

If your design requires modifications to a standard MCC from any manufacturer, give us a call! We can install VFD’s, power monitors, control devices, and more to meet your specific requirements and our field service team can provide troubleshooting and field services for your existing motor control systems.

November Solution Spotlight, Custom Motor Control Download the Custom Motor Control Solution Spotlight!
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