November Solution Spotlight, Control Valves
11/5/2013 2:43:30 PM
Control Valves
Over our 80+ years in business, the George T. Hall Company has worked with the industry’s leading valve manufacturers such as Triac (AT Controls), Honeywell, Belimo and Asco. Our sales & engineering personnel have designed and specified control valves in a wide range of applications including Commercial Buildings, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Breweries,Boiler/Burner and Geothermal. With our engineering expertise and vendor relationships, we are also capable of assisting with specialized applications requiring large pipe sizes or special body or trim material configurations or materials.

Manual and Automated Ball Valves

The Triac line of ball valves are available as manual valves or automated with pneumatic or electric actuators.They are available in sizes from 1/2” to 3” with a patented "Pyramidal” stem seal system that protects against wear and leakage typical with other ball valves. In addition to their standard valve packages, they also offer FM approved assemblies for use in applications requiring protection for fuel-burning equipment. The components include a spring-return automated ball valve, explosion-proof limit switch and solenoid pilot valve. Valves are available in 1/2” to 6” pipe sizes in 3-piece or flanged design.

Butterfly Valves
For more precise, industrial applications, Triac also offers a line of butterfly valves with pneumatic or electric actuators. These assemblies come in standard pipe sizes ranging from 2” to 24” and may be ordered to meet ANSI/ASME Class 150# and 300# standards.

And More...
In addition to control valves, we also offer a variety of other valve types for Commercial and Industrial applications including:
• Motorized Globe Valves with Direct Coupled Actuators
• Zone Valves
• Solenoid Valves for natural gas, water, air or other media
• Safety Shutoff Valves for natural/LP
• Relief Valves

Contact the GTH office near you for more information or for assistance selecting the right valve for your application!

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