Migrating to Smart Manufacturing with Parsec
2/5/2018 8:00:00 AM
Are you taking action now in this time of innovation and increased competition to improve productivity and your competitive advantage?

Ask yourself, are you satisfied with your level of quality, performance and availability? Do you embrace the ideal that meaningful data regarding your personnel and processes in the manufacturing or process environment can lead to improvements in quality, safety, morale and increased profitability? Most of us involved in manufacturing of any kind can attest that there is inevitably missing information that we could utilize to make intelligent decisions in production environments. The challenge is embracing an environment of continuous improvement. There are numerous innovative software applications, techniques and systems out on the market today that claim to improve performance, what they don’t talk about is the need to drive this change throughout the levels in your organization.

We can help by developing the framework to start implementing this type of change by utilizing our team of subject matter experts to advise and implement software tools and methods to make smart decisions. Getting started is easier than you might think. Let GTH and Parsec Automation show you how!

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"The Value of Preventative Maintenance”

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"Intro to Smart Manufacturing”

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