May's Solution Spotlight - Thermal Solutions!
5/6/2013 7:34:08 PM
Thermal Solutions
Watlow is the largest custom designer and manufacturer of thermal system components including industrial electric heaters, sensors and controllers. Their products can be found in a wide range of applications including Food/Beverage, Energy, Life Sciences, Semiconductor and Metal Forming.

Watlow offers a range of electric heaters to suit virtually all applications. Some of their products include:
Band & Nozzle Heaters - The high performance MI Band heater and the flexible THINBAND heaters
are ideal for every type of plastic processing.

Cartridge Heaters - The FIREROD heater provides superior heat transfer, uniform temperatures and resistance to oxidation and corrosion in demanding applications and high temperatures.

Circulation & Process Heaters
- Compact heating solutions for fluids such as purified and inert gases, supercritical fluids and liquids like de-ionized water for use in the electronics industries.

Flexible Heaters
- These heaters are thin, bendable and shaped to fit your equipment. Use your imagination to apply heat to the most complex shapes without sacrificing efficiency or dependability.

Tubular Heaters
- The WATROD tubular heating elements and flat FIREBAR elements are designed primarily for direct immersion in liquids such as water, oils, solvents, process solutions, air and gases.

Watlow offers a variety of controllers covering a wide range of applications.

Integrated Multi-Function Controllers - These innovative devices combine temperature, process and machine control along with over and under temperature limit protection, high amperage power switching, safety disconnect and field communication into a single package!

Temperature & Process Controllers - These controllers automatically adjust outputs based on sensor feedback working in concert to control process variables such as temperature, flow, pressure and relative humidity.

Power Switching Devices - These devices deliver power to electric heaters and other loads when current and voltage requirements exceed the capabilities available in discrete temperature and process controllers.

Operator Interfaces - These easy-to-use units provide users with a touchscreen, color graphical display along with data logging, graphing, password security and field communications.

In addition to heaters & controllers, Watlow also offers a number of other products to complete the control loop from sensors and wire to SpecView
and WATVIEW software solutions.

The GTH Engineering team has designed a number of control panels and custom packages to suit specific customer requirements including Controller Panels with a Touchscreen Interface and Thermocouple Control Consoles.

Contact the GTH branch near you today for more information on our Engineering and Integration Services!

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