March, Gas Detection Solution Spotlight!
3/3/2015 3:42:19 PM
Gas Detection
Demand for gas detection has increased in recent years with the increased focus on environmental and personnel safety. This growth has been further supported by the rise in production of dangerous chemicals, an increasing number of chemical accidents, and the growth of U.S. manufacturing in existing and developing markets. Industries such as oil and gas, power, mining, and pharmaceuticals are the most affected by these trends. Fortunately, gas detection equipment is more advanced and cost-effective than ever. Whether you are looking for a portable handheld device or a fixed system, GTH can help you select and implement the technology that will keep both your plant and your people safe.

Honeywell Analytics manufacturers a full and comprehensive range of products, setting the benchmark for the industry in terms of quality, functionality, and ease of use. From low-cost compliance equipment to high functionality devices, we have solutions for all types of applications and industries. By using the Honeywell Gas Finder Tool, you can select the product that meets the specific needs of your facility. GTH specializes in deploying Honeywell gas detection products into applications such as oil and gas, mining, semiconductor, steel, water treatment, and petrochemical. Our technical sales and engineering personnel can assist with product selection, programming, and the integration of these devices so your implementation is seamless.

We are proud to announce that RAE Systems, the leading global provider of rapidly deployable, connected, and intelligent gas detection systems, is now part of Honeywell Analytics. RAE Systems offers a wide range of handheld and fixed monitors including wireless solutions for applications such as emergency response, environmental remediation, exploration, fracking, leak detection and plant shutdown and turnaround. Plus, with RAE Systems’ reputation as an industry innovator, you can be sure you always have the latest in reliability, capabilities, and usability.

The Importance of Instrument Calibration
IEC and other codes of practice outline the legal requirements for calibrating flammable gas detectors. Most gas monitoring systems should not only be calibrated at the time of installation but should also be checked and recalibrated on a regular schedule. Call your local GTH location for assistance with single unit calibrations or for information on annual calibration contracts.

Learn more about the IEC and other industry regulations on our Regulations and Industry Standards web page.

Click to download the March Solution Spotlight, Gas Detectors
Download the March, Gas Detection Solution Spotlight!
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