Industrial Cybersecurity, March Solution Spotlight
3/9/2017 2:36:13 PM
Industrial Cybersecurity
Whether it’s a kid hacking a military super computer that is trying to blow up the world like in "Wargames” or an attack from a diabolical genius trying to teach the government a lesson in "Live Free or Die Hard”, we have grown up seeing the importance of cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is defined as the protection of computer systems from theft or damage to the hardware, software or the information on them. While it is not always life and death as in the movies, the information processed and saved on our computers is vital to our world.

In the industrial automation realm, wireless networks such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, the IoT, cloud computing, and the prevalence of smart devices have made the need for cybersecurity greater than ever. A number of our manufacturer partners are at the forefront of industrial security technology designed to product your data and keep your facility safe and operational.

Wonderware Online Insight
Wonderware Online Insight offers analysis, implementation and management to services to keep your plant safe from cyber intrusion.

Encryption: Wonderware Online InSight uses the most up o date security standards available. Customer data is encrypted using HTTPS on the industry standard and well defined Port 443 using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption with secure 2048-bit X.509 certificates.

Customer data is stored in a patented multi-tenant architecture that is logically segregated and segmented. Storage architecture prevents unauthorized access while protecting the privacy, control and autonomy of each customer’s data.

Configurable Access:
Users have complete and granular control over who they choose to allow to have visibility and access to key elements. Users can add, modify and remove users from their account, facilitating a "least privilege” organizational approach to cybersecurity.

Click here to watch the Schneider Wonderware video, "Cybersecurity Best Practices”.

Honeywell Industrial Cybersecurity Solutions
Honeywell’s Industrial Cybersecurity Solutions help plants and critical infrastructure sectors defend the availability, reliability and safety of their industrial control systems (ICS) and plant operations. From assessments and audits to response and recovery, the portfolio of end-to-end solutions leverages Honeywell’s industry-leading expertise and experience in process control and cybersecurity. Having delivered more than 1,000 projects globally, Honeywell’s certified experts help users improve their cybersecurity posture. Its managed services and complete solutions are designed for the specific needs of process control environments including Oil and Gas, Chemicals, Refining and Petrochemicals, Energy and Power, Minerals, Mining and Metals, and Pulp and Paper. With continuous investments in people, processes, and technology, Honeywell is committed to helping industrial users reduce risk and stay ahead of future classes of cyber-attacks. Honeywell recently conducted a study that compared leading industry threat research with their own firsthand observations. Click here to view the infographic.

ISA99 Cybersecurity Standards
GTH is proficient in the new ISA99 security standards that regulate the hardware and software systems and associated internal, human, network and/or machine interfaces across all types of plants, facilities, and systems. The ISA99 Committee is responsible for establishing standards, recommended practices, technical reports, and related information that will define procedures for implementing electronically secure manufacturing and control systems and security practices and assessing electronic security performance.

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