Honeywell STEPS to Success Training Class!
10/4/2013 2:00:14 PM

Honeywell STEPSSTEPS to Success
On September 25th,the George T. Hall company partnered with Honeywell to host a contractor sales training class called STEPS to success at the Wyndham Hotel in Irvine California.  The class was open to Commercial Control and Boiler/Burner Contractors in the Southern California area, and the goal of the class was to get technicians and sales people more comfortable with speaking to customers.  The class was presented by Joseph Cappelletti and Katie Leifeld, this team of instructors keep the class moving at a good pace that keep the students interest by making the class more interactive and not just delivering the information.  Participants were able to work inside groups and with the instructors supervision, come up with conversation points to use with customers and key topics to use and to avoid such as speaking in terms that customers can understand or not using acronyms. The class also helped even the most experienced salesmen by reinforcing simple ideas like setting goals and doing all of the small things on the path to accomplishing said  goals.  I would recommend this class to anyone who is looking to improve their sales techniques and who are always wanting to push themselves forward in their industries!

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