Honeywell & Parsec Electronic Data Acquisition
4/17/2018 8:09:16 AM
Honeywell and Parsec Data Acquisition
The growth of paperless or electronic data acquisition in industrial applications has exploded in the last 10 years. This is largely due to the increased cybersecurity surrounding the transfer and storage of electronic data but there are a number of other benefits including:
  1. Accuracy - Industries such as Pharmaceutical or Heat Treat that require reporting or validation have very quickly seen the benefits of paperless recording methods. They are now able to easily collect large volumes of data and they also have the ability to format, transfer, and store the information in whatever format they choose.
  2. Productivity - As electronic data acquisition is typically an automated process, the Maintenance Operators spend less time manually recording data and/or changing out paper or pens in traditional paper recorders.
  3. Accessibility - Electronic records can be archived and accessed onsite but they can also be stored on a network or cloud drive to be accessed by others in remote locations or even through mobile devices.
Honeywell Data Acquisition
Honeywell Industrial has a number of options for electronic data storage including Paperless Recorders, HC900 Process Controllers, and SCADA solutions. With Honeywell’s range of products we can create a scalable data acquisition solution customized for your facility.

Parsec Data Acquisition
Parsec takes electronic data acquisition to a new level with TrakSys Smart Manufacturing Software. The MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) functionality allows you to compile data from a number of sources and use the information to streamline operations and comply with electronic recordkeeping requirements.
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