Get to know AQMD Rule 1153: Commerical Bakery Ovens
11/28/2016 2:17:11 PM
AQMDAQMD's Rule 1153 is for commercial bakery ovens. This rule applies to in-use ovens, dryers, smokers, and dry roasters with nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from fuel combustion that require South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) permits and are used to prepare food or products for making beverages for human consumption. This rule controls volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from commercial bakery ovens with a rated heat input capacity of 2 million BTU per hour or more and with an average daily emission of 50 pounds or more of VOC.

For the purpose of this rule the following definitions shall apply:
(1) AVERAGE DAILY EMISSIONS is the product of the total calendar year emissions (in tons/year) divided by the number of days the oven was employed for production during that year.

(2) BAKERY OVEN is an oven for baking bread or any other yeast leavened products by convection. (3) BASE YEAR is the calendar 1989 or
any subsequent calendar year in which the average daily emissions are 50 pounds or more per day.

(4) EMISSIONS are any VOC formed and released from the oven as a result of the fermentation and baking processes of yeast leavened products.

Click here for the full AQMD 1153 regulations.
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