Flame Safeguard Training Class
5/20/2014 3:30:00 PM
George T. Hall Company represents two of the leading manufacturers of Flame Safeguard controls, Honeywell and Fireye. For decades, we have offered 8-hour courses for our customers where you will learn the basics of flame safeguard controls including a "hands-on” lab portion where you will wire various controls and upon successful wiring, witness a burner fire up. The instructor for the course is Ron Heintskill who has over 45 years in the industry on combustion solutions.

Ron will discuss items such as;

  • Primaries vs Programming Controls
  • Theory of flame rectification
  • Operation of Optical Detectors – Infrared & Ultraviolet
  • Installation procedures
  • Troubleshooting
  • System upgrades/conversions
  • Parallel positioning systems
  • and much more

Here is a list of the flame safeguard controls you will be wiring in the labs:

  • Honeywell: RA890, RM7890, RM7800
  • Fireye: MC120, E110, BurnerLogix

The courses are normally offered at a local hotel which includes breakfast, lunch and snacks. We can also come out to your facilities (call for more info). You will leave the class with a binder and CD loaded with data sheets, wiring diagrams and other general information on both Honeywell and Fireye flame safeguard controls.

These courses are very popular and are limited to 18 people. Please look at our event calendar for upcoming dates and locations: www.georgethall.com.

FSG Training Class     FSG Training Class     FSG Training Class


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