Engineered Panel Solutions, June Solution Spotlight
6/6/2017 1:00:00 PM
GTH Engineered Panel Solutions
Somewhere in our office right now is an engineer in the CAD department producing line drawings, a technician programming an HMI, and a panel shop technician preparing to wire components. They are working hard on the next project that you don’t even realize you need.

The GTH Engineered Panel Solutions group utilizes our in-house expertise to design and build control panels for particular applications. These solutions are typically designed to improve efficiencies or automate an existing process. Since these designs have been pre-engineered, tested, and improved over time, you are able to benefit from our experience for a fraction of the cost of designing your own custom panel. Plus, with our staff of field technicians, you have the option of customizing the programming to meet your specific operating or reporting process.

Thermocouple/Heater Control Console
The GTH Thermocouple/Heater Control Console uses a thermocouple input to control a heat load in a compact and portable case. With its self-contained design, and compact size, it fits into confined areas and is prewired for fast installation. The console includes a 1/16 DIN controller, power switching device (solid-state relay), heavy-duty fused line cord, output and thermocouple connector mates, and an on/off rocker switch. The compact enclosure is made of powder-coated metal with top and bottom vents for internal heat dissipation. These units are single-loop and each is available with your choice of type J, K, or T thermocouples or RTD sensor connections.

Redundant Cooler System Control Panel
The GTH Redundant Cooling System Control Panel is designed for cold room applications in the Pharmaceutical and Bio Laboratory industries. The panel is built with a PLC (programmable logic controller) which is programmed to control two air conditioning or cooler units that regulate temperatures on different set points that can be customized to the project specifications. The system is also equipped with a timer and relay system to switch priority operations from system A to system B, and vice versa. This feature is important to the life of the cooling units, preventing over usage of one unit and limiting the chance of seizing due to under usage of the other unit.

Custom Demonstration and Training Boards
We have built a number of GTH Demonstration and Training Boards that we currently use for internal training or display purposes. Our engineering group has the mechanical, electrical, and design expertise to build custom boards, cases or hand-carry cases around your products or custom requirements. Here are some samples of our demo and training boards:

GTH Flame Safeguard Trainer
- This training board uses Honeywell and Fireye Flame Safeguard devices. It is designed to demonstrate the proper wiring and functionality of the safety controls as well as their operation with auxiliary devices. SLATE is the newest combustion management system.

GTH SLATE Demo Case - The SLATE system from Honeywell combines configurable flame safety and programmable logic into a single platform. The GTH demo case is designed to demonstrate how easy SLATE is to program as well as the functionality and benefits of the modular design, touchscreen display, and optional features such as fuel-air ratio control.

GTH HC900 Demo Panel - The HC900 process automation controller from Honeywell is an ideal control solution for user needs ranging from thermal control in boilers, furnaces, kilns, and dryers to unit processing in bio-pharm and chemical applications. The GTH demo panel includes the touchscreen operator interface as well as an I/O rack to demonstrate the PID loop control and processing capabilities of the system.

Interested in seeing one of these demonstrators in person? Contact your local GTH office today!

Looking for your own custom solution?
Each facility has its own specialized needs and obstacles. If one of our Engineered Panel Solutions doesn’t fit your needs, GTH is well equipped to work with your specifications to design and build a custom control panel. Whether you are looking for a portable unit for testing and calibration or a complete automation system design, our team of sales and engineering personnel are here to help.

Contact the GTH office near you today!

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