Chart Recorders for the Digital World, Solution Spotlight
5/3/2016 12:28:33 AM
Chart Recorders for the Digital World
In a world of smart phones, portable tablets, remote access, and living our lives completely connected to social media, why is it that we are still using antiquated paper recorders for our data acquisition within high tech manufacturing facilities across the country? With technology literally at our finger tips every moment of the day, it should be an easy transition to move from an old paper chart recorder and upgrade to a paperless recorder with a high resolution touch screen display and secure remote access. In manufacturing, every minute is associated with a dollar amount, every mistake is costly, and having information readily available and easy to access is invaluable and a definite must for any facility. The George T. Hall Company can help recommend the recorder that will work in your application and make sure you and your staff are well educated on the functions and operation of your new recorder. Please contact your local GTH branch near you for more information.

Are you looking to upgrade from your Circular Paper Chart Recorder? Honeywell now has the answer! The DR Graphic Recorder looks like and fits into the traditional chart recorder panel cut-out. This is a paperless electronic data recorder that represents the latest in recording technology:
  • Quick visualization and documentation of the integrity of the process
  • Faster data analysis
  • Better access to secure data
  • Reduced maintenance costs
With a 12.1” diagonal high-resolution display, the DR Graphic paperless recorder provides the best solution for viewing and monitoring process data while the 16-analog input capabilities provide the means to monitor all critical and most secondary parameters in any process.

The George T. Hall Company’s Engineers and Technicians can help with setup on the DR paperless recorder, utilizing the selectable display formats and Ethernet communications, along with Honeywell’s TrendServer Pro software to provide plant- wide connectivity to the recorder.

Trendview Recorders
Experience the usability, security and networking capabilities of Honeywell’s TrendView paperless recorders. The eZtrend, Minitrend, Multitrend recorders feature easy configuration, remote viewing and control, touch-screen navigation, high-capacity storage, custom screen design, diagnostics, software support and more. Setup, configuration and maintenance are easy.

Capabilities include ease of use, achieved with informational graphics and touch screen displays,
batch recording or continuous data, and independent storage rates assignable to each pen.

Reliable Data and Process Monitoring
  • Web access for viewing data remotely
  • Data archived to integral database for added security
  • Export data to spreadsheet for additional data analysis using standard tools
The TrendManager Software Suite allows users of Honeywell’s paperless recorders to review and analyze recorded data. There are a number of packages available in the suite offering functionality such as the ability to graph continuous and batch data, analyze and archive data, configure the paperless recorder, set up scheduled uploads or acquire data in real-time for export into Excel. The suite includes the standard TrendViewer software package; the TrendManager Pro advanced data analysis and archiving software; the TrendServer Pro fully network aware software for communications with recorders; and the Screen Designer which allows you to create customized screen layouts.

Honeywell’s Paperless Recorders are designed to comply with the requirements of a number of industries including aerospace, defense, pharmaceutical and medical product manufacturing. They offer two modes to help comply with AMS2750 for aerospace and defense applications and an IQ/OQ package to provide verification per GAMP Supplier Guidelines for the pharmaceutical and medical industries. Plus, all Honeywell Paperless Recorders comply with the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 rule regarding security of data. Contact a GTH branch near you for more information!

Download the May Solution Spotlight!

Download the May Solution Spotlight!

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