Belimo Launches New Website
8/17/2017 1:03:38 PM

Belimo has recently announced the upgrade of their website. I encourage everyone to visit their new site and navigate throughout it ( For me, it was a surprisingly pleasant experience. What made it easy was the simple way it was organized under three primary headings, "Solutions”, "About US " and "Contact Us”.


"Solutions” takes you to their products which are organized in groups like actuators, valves sensors etc. Specifications and pricing are all immediately available. There is additional information available for download and they also have some great tools for estimating and sizing that you can download.

"About US” takes you to their corporate information which includes company history, corporate goals and ideals, employment opportunities, as well as media and investor relations.

"Contact Us” is a very simple way for a person to establish a communication link via e-mail or social media if they wish.

Most businesses have a website and we all expect to find similarities when we visit them. What made this a little nicer experience was that they had tried to make it easier to navigate.

When you visit for the first time you will need to establish an account so that future visits will be very easy. Take the time to get set up. It is worth it!

If we can assist you in your commercial control requirements please contact our order desk at or contact me at

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