August Solution Spotlight, ASME Controls and Safety Solutions!
8/5/2014 2:45:00 PM
ASME Controls and Safety Solutions
ASME code CSD-1 spells out the Controls and Safety Devices recommended for Automatically Fired Boilers. This standard was created to improve the instrumentation, controls, safety devices, proper operating procedures and installation requirements in the hopes of greatly reducing the chances of injury and property damage. Our sales personnel are familiar with this standard and a number of the products required for compliance including the valves, regulators, limits and low water cutoffs.

High Performance Butterfly Valves
The Power-Seal Butterfly Valves from AT Controls are offered in sizes 2” to 24” with special order valves available up to 48”+. The PF Series with the RTFE/316L fire-safe seat design offers bubble-tight, bi-directional shutoff to full ANSI/ASME Class 150# and 300# standards. The Power-Seal series is available with a number of actuator options and features such as an Electronic Modulating Card.

Pressure Safety Switches
The C6097A and B series Gas Pressure Switches feature a compact design with easy connections that greatly reduce conventional piping and threading operations. These models are capable of being used with older, standalone component valves as well as new valves such as the Integrated Gas Valve Train (IVT) from Honeywell. They are approved for use under CSD-1 for compliance with the CF-162 requirements for Pressure Switches.

Interested in a CSD-1 survey to see if you are in compliance?
Our trained Outside Sales staff specialize in Boiler Burner controls and systems. They are available to evaluate your facility and make recommendations for upgrades and/or repairs. We are proficient in the latest technology as well as systems integration to help you improve efficiencies, save money extend the life of your equipment. Click here to download the ASME CSD-1 Checklist.

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