April's Solutions Spotlight - Energy Metering & Monitoring!
4/15/2013 12:52:14 PM
Energy Metering and Monitoring
Energy Metering & Monitoring is more prevalent than ever. In the past few years, submetering has become a key component in anumber of leading private-sector energy initiatives including LEED v3, Demand Response programs through local utilities, EnergyStar and California's Title 24. The Energy Policy Act of 2005 took these programs a step further by actually mandating energysubmeters for all governmental buildings as of 2012.The benets of gas metering are equally as compelling, particularly in areas covered by SCAQMD (South Coast Air QualityManagement District). Gas meters can be used in these areas to prove monthly fuel usage does not exceed the limits specied inAQMD 1147.

Why Measure Energy
The advantages of submetering in Commercial spaces such as tenant billing and building system monitoring are well known but there are also benets in Industrial Manufacturing facilities including:
  •  Demand analysis & load control
  •  Department energy allocation
  •  Equipment eciency monitoring
  •  Utility rate verication
  •  And more!
Many industrial facilities are now running inter-company contests to encourage energy conservation and others are prominently mounting big screen monitors displaying energy dashboards to capitalize on the "Prius Effect".

Energy Metering and Monitoring
Honeywell/E-Mon offers both stand-alone metering products as well as smart metering products that easily install into both Commercial and Industrial facilities. They can also communicate via pulse, Lon or Modbus so the information can be utilized by the WEBs-Energy software package as well as virtually any Building Automation or SCADA System.

Energy Metering and Monitoring
The Dattus meter from Itron is a highly accurate, solid-state device suitable for both Commercial and Industrial gas measurement applications. Features include Static Measurement technology, built-in temperature compensation, gas volume totalizing, optional datalogging and Modbus Communications.

In addition to energy and gas submeters, GTH also oers other types of meters including water and steam, as well power meters and a number of scalable energy solutions providing everything from simple analytics to a full touchscreen dashboard interface.

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