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George T Hall Company

Schools and Universities, Building Automation

School and University Solutions

The George T. Hall Company provides solutions for School Districts and Universities which provide building automation and remote access to multiple sites. This helps with preventative maintenance, improves occupant comfort, and helps one supervisor do the work of many.

Engineering and Design

When it comes to the automation of HVAC and other control systems inside schools and universities, many people think the system just turns on and off automatically each day. . While this is certainly better than running the systems constantly, it is not the optimum way to save energy and money within school districts and universities. The Engineers at GTH can design and build Automation Systems that will benefit the schools budget and help maximize the effectiveness of campus facility managers.

Control Panel Manufacturing

The George T. Hall Company’s two UL listed panel shops are equipped to build panels to your specifications. Utilizing the latest CAD drawing software, we can design and build panels that allow you to monitor, oversee, and access remotely all the critical processes in your facility. We also provide Energy Management Systems so you can monitor and measure your savings.

System Integration and Project Management

The only limitations for your project are imagination, time, and money! The GTH Project Management team will work directly with your facility and personnel to determine the software and hardware required for your specific application. There are multiple control options available, and with the help of the experts at the George T. Hall Company, you will get the perfect solution to meet the needs of your school.
  • System Programming
  • Networking
  • Start-Up and Trouble Shooting Assistance
Instrumentation and Technical Support
The George T. Hall Company offers web-based building control solutions capable of 24/7 monitoring and adjustments. We also have access to building automation systems which not only maximize energy efficiency, but also save time by integrating all devices into one user interface. Generally the largest opportunity to find energy efficiency and savings is in the heating and cooling systems. The experts at the George T. Hall Company can show you a range of options for dramatically cutting energy use and costs.
  • Thermostats
  • Economizers
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • Web-Based Building Managers
  • Lighting Controls
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