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George T Hall Company

Electrical Energy Solutions

Energy EfficiencyElectrical Energy Solutions - Energy Efficiency

Electrical Energy upgrades frequently offer the highest payback of all energy retrofits. George T. Hall Company is proficient in the latest LEED recommendations and ASHRAE requirements, as well as the rebates available through local utilities to maximize your return on investment. Contact the GTH office near you for more information on our Energy Efficiency expertise.

Engineering and Design

Our staff of sales and technical engineers have designed hundreds of control systems since our inception in 1932. We are proficient in the latest technology available and we align ourselves with the industry’s leading manufacturers so you know the system we design will meet the needs of your facility now and into the future.

Control Panel Manufacturing
GTH specializes in custom control panels which are built in our two UL Control Panel Shops in Northern Nevada and Southern California. We offer a number of solutions for energy efficiency including panels for energy metering and monitoring, VFD control, and solar-powered systems for remote installations.

Instrumentation and Technical Support
  • Building Automation Systems
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • Electrical Submeters
  • Solar Powered Systems
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Utility Rebates
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